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Client Solutions

The University of Illinois at Chicago

Researchers at UIC have developed extensions to Pubmed requiring a locally-hosted database of all Pubmed articles.

The source Pubmed database contains over 30 million documents. Documents are composed of 40+ possible element types residing in 300+ possible unique nested element paths. Many documents contain 100's of element values across these element types and nested paths. The documents are sparse in that not every document contains every possible element.

In terms of storage and retrieval, this data presented problems in complexity of table structures (to retain the document structure) and indexing (100's of compound indexes would have been needed to represent every desired search and sort order).

To handle these complexities, Xornet implemented an Entity Attribute Value (EAV) model. This model provides the flexibility to store this data set in a generic fashion and allows for future structural changes to the source documents without requiring database structure changes. The model also enables complex SQL queries to be created without having to create, optimize and manage multitudes of indexes.

The model was initially used to create a "Citations Cloud" feature, revealing bidirectional references between PubMed articles. Within this feature, over 450 million references are queried in real-time to obtain articles cited, citing, co-cited, and bibliographically coupled.

Music Today

Seamlessly integrated several third-party transactional offers into a Music Today e-commerce site.

Worked with Music Today in developing a responsive single-page checkout.


Developed a custom Content Management System that allows changes to web site content to be scheduled in advance, allowing for web site content to be automatically sync'd with upcoming promotional programs.

Developed an inventory sync tool that automates the updating of inventory items.

Developed a Gift Registry program and integrated it into an OpenCart ecommerce system. Developed several OpenCart modules, plugins and customizations.


Created an online system that mimics a direct response customer's inbound experience. Created hundreds of Telebrand Digital Offers utilizing this system.

Connekt Inc.

Integrated Connekt-owned transactional offers onto destination e-commerce sites.

Implemented the fulfillment requirements for several 3PL vendors allowing for real-time fulfillment and order processing.

Creators of the Following Offerings:

A Transactional Native Ad Delivery Service

Sublateral allows Advertisers to deliver ad-block-immune ads, search-optimized targeted content, value-added services, integrated Web applications, and fully-trackable transactional promotions. With Sublateral‐powered pomotions, Marketers are able to effectively engage site visitors without disrupting the user experience and ENHANCE the Publisher's site rather than distract from it.

Sublateral Native Ads are not like banner ads or other forms of online advertisements that conflict with the goals of the site and lead your visitors away. With Sublateral Native Ads, a visitor's attention remains on the site because the visitor remains on the site! Additionally, engaging ads may be developed that allow visitors to transact with the ad.

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A NEWSQL Application Backend Service

Instantly store complex relationships without ever creating a schema. Deeply query your data using a familiar SQL syntax without managing indexes. Implements A pure JSON-over-HTTP Web API.

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Working together to support and promote online businesses in a totally unique and highly successful way!

For manufacturers of retail goods, successfully selling products online can be expensive and time-consuming. Web Publishers face the constant uphill battle to keep their website/blog fresh, engaging and profitable... all at the same time. VendViva connects Vendors and Web Publishers within our powerful network to sell high-end, quality products online direct-to-consumer. We believe this is the future of retail; Vendors have the power to control the shopping experience for their goods and the ability to sell directly to new customers wherever they are online. And in this future world of retail, Web Publishers ARE the new virtual storefronts.

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Monetize Your Content with OffersOnDemand

With OffersOnDemand™ your content is aligned with relevant Offers that are made available for sale on your site. OffersOnDemand™ Offers are not like banner ads or other forms of online advertisements that lead your visitors away from your site. Instead, visitors stay and transact on your site and your site gains SEO content.

OffersOnDemand™ Offers provide your site with the retention benefits of a fully integrated e-commerce system but without the e-commerce set-up and maintenance hassles.

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A Cross-Platform, SEO-Friendly, Web Application Distribution Service

With WidgetPops you can quickly and easily distribute and montetize your web applications as Modular, Pluggable Services. It's the ideal method for developing in your preferred web architecture and deploying to all other web architectures - PHP, .NET, ASP and more.

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